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Hydraulic Hose Making Machine

Hydraulic Hose Making Machine

The PVC garden pipe plant is consists of automatic feeder, two sets of single screw extruder, co-extrusion die, forming device, water cooling tank and coiler etc.

Detailed description

Product Description:

The hydraulic hose making machine consists of automatic feeder, two sets of single screw extruder, co-extrusion die, forming device, water cooling tank and so on. This product is specially designed to produce soft PVC and rigid PVC spirals. In this way, the water absorption hose is composed of soft PVC and rigid PVC spiral, and has good crush resistance, corrosion resistance, negative pressure resistance, bending resistance and good rotation. The professional processing that can make the product has advantages of uniform plasticizing, capacity stability, high output, long service life,etc., which is very suitable for single-piece production in machining workshops, maintenance workshops, etc.


  • The entire equipment is with the reliable performance and high production efficiency.

  • The use of advanced components of world-renowned brands, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.

  • The single-screw extruder is controlled by AC motors and ABB inverters and is only used for soft PVC and rigid PVC materials, only matched to high torque gearboxes.

  • Good shearing and mixing results help save on electricity costs and ensure high quality extruded hoses.

  • The filter die design ensures future plasticization of the material and stable pipe performance.

  • The forming mould is made of 45# stainless steel and its speed is controlled by the gearbox, ensuring that the rotation speed remains the same for smooth pipe transfer.

  • The soft and hard pipe machine adopts a cooling bath length of 30 meters, which improves the pipe yield and meets the requirements of the end coiling machine of the extrusion line.

  • Additionally attached with the length counter and intensifying device.

  • Adopting PLC control system and large LCD screen, which is very convenient to operate.


Suitable for the production of hydraulic hoses which are widely used in engineering construction, lifting and transportation, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery and other various industrial sectors.

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