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PVC Celling Panel Extrusion Line

PVC Celling Panel Extrusion Line

PVC ceiling machine consist of screw loader, conical twin screw extruder, extrusion die, vacuum calibration table, haul-off machine, hot stamping machine or laminating machine, cutting machine, stack, etc.

Detailed description

Brief Introduction:

PVC celling panel extrusion line consist of screw loader, conical twin screw extruder, extrusion die, vacuum calibration table, haul-off machine, hot stamping machine, etc. The PVC celling panel extrusion line is compact and rigorous, and the special screw design has good plasticization, high output and long service life. Besides, flame retardant materials have been added to the new process to make celling panel is more safer to use.

Production Process:

Screw loader→mixer→screw loader→double screw extruder→extrusion die→vacuum forming table→haul-off→hot stamping→cutting machine→stacking machine→finished product inspection and packaging


  • Fast speed, high precision, and can greatly improve the efficiency of workpiece processing

  • Light weight, easy installation, waterproof and moisture proof and anti-mite.

  • Environmentally friendly raw materials can be recycled and have broad market prospects.

  • The ceiling machine adopts specially designed screw and barrel to ensure high speed extrusion and excellent plasticization effect.

  • Special extrusion dies design for PVC material for getting high extrusion speed and capacity.  

  • The vacuum forming table uses a special enlarged eddy current cooling system to facilitate cooling and shaping to meet the needs of high speed extrusion and is easy to operate.

  • Dynamically balanced caterpillar haul-off, variable frequency or service motor control ensures stable ceiling extrusion.

  • Imported PLC computer control system, reasonable design for stable operation and automatic length cutting.

  • The color pattern of the surface of the manufactured product varies greatly, easy to clean and has good sound insulation and heat insulation effects.


Mainly used in the extrusion of various kinds of PVC ceiling panels which are widely used in the biological laboratory, computer room, hospital operating room, house decoration, office decoration,etc.

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