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In plastic extrusion molding equipment, plastic extruders are often referred to as main engines, and the subsequent equipment plastic extrusion molding machines are called auxiliary machines. After more than 100 years of development, plastic extruders have been derived from the original single screw twin screw, multi-screw, and even no screw.
Plastic extruder (main machine) can be used with pipes, films, materials, monofilaments, flat yarns, packing belts, extruded nets, plates (sheets), profiles, granulation, cable coating, etc. Matching, forming a variety of plastic extrusion molding lines to produce a variety of plastic products. Therefore, plastic extrusion molding machines are one of the most widely used models in the plastics processing industry, now or in the future.
The main body of the plastic extruder is an extruder consisting of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system.
Extrusion system
The extrusion system includes a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a handpiece, and a mold. The plastic is plasticized into a uniform melt by an extrusion system, and is continuously extruded by the screw under the pressure established in the process.
Machine characteristics
1. The whole machine structure adopts four-column horizontal type and fuel tank top. It has the characteristics of new structure, neat arrangement and convenient maintenance.
2. The movable beam adopts four-point positioning, adjustable center and reasonable tooling design to greatly reduce production cost.
3. Different extrusion processes can be set, and the tubes with different apertures can be extruded by follow-up and fixed needles.
4. The hydraulic parts adopt high-flow cartridge valve system, which has good sealing performance and low temperature rise.
5. Electrical parts adopt PLC products, which are reliable and sensitive.
Magstar Machinery is one of the best extrusion manufacturers and suppliers in China. We'll offer you the extrusion with best quality at competitive price. We can ensure that our extrusion products are of good quality and stand the test.
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    PVC pipe manufacturing machines

    The PVC pipe manufacturing machines are mainly composed of a material mixer, a screw loader/feeder, a vacuum calibration tank, a traction machine, a PVC pipe cutter, a stacker or a flaring machine.
    It is mainly used in agricultural water supply and drainage systems, building water supply...
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  • CPVC pipe machine

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    CPVC pipe machine

    CPVC pipe machine mainly consists of plastic mixing unit, screw loader, screw feeder, conical twin-screw extruder, extrusion die, vacuum spray cooling tank, online printer, tractor, PVC pipe cutting machine, table below, etc.
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  • PVC pipe manufacturing unit

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    PVC pipe manufacturing unit

    The PVC pipe manufacturing unit is mainly composed of plastic mixer, screw loader, screw feeder, double cone screw extruder, four extrusion die, four vacuum forming cans, online laser printer, four traction device, cutting machine, stacker and other units.
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  • HDPE Pipe Making Manufacturing Machine

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    HDPE Pipe Making Manufacturing Machine

    The HDPE Pipe Making Manufacturing Machine is mainly composed of vacuum loader, hopper dryer, single screw extruder, co-extrusion extruder, co-extrusion die, vacuum cooling tank, water spray cooling tank, online laser marking machine, and traction machine, pipe cutting machine, tilting machine,...Read More

  • PVC garden pipe plant

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    PVC garden pipe plant

    PVC garden pipe plant used in PVC garden pipe plant consists of automatic feeder, two sets of single screw extruder, co-extrusion die, forming device, water cooling tank and coiler.
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  • spiral pipe machine

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    spiral pipe machine

    The spiral pipe machine consists of automatic feeder, single screw extruder, wire forming device, extrusion die, water cooling bath, tractor, cutting machine, coiler and so on.
    It widely absorbs foreign technology, combined with years of actual production experience, through careful design...
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  • flexible pipe machine

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    flexible pipe machine

    The flexible pipe machine is used to support the kitchen sink and the bathroom basin drain.
    At the same time, if the customer only replaces the forming block, the machine is widely used to manufacture various bellows.
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  • corrugated pipe extrusion

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    corrugated pipe extrusion

    Corrugated pipe extrusion consists of automatic feeder, single screw extruder, extrusion die, forming machine, module, coiler and so on.
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  • nylon extruder machine

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    nylon extruder machine

    Nylon extruder machine consists of automatic feeder, special single screw extruder, extrusion die, water cooling tank, traction device, sawing machine, stacker and so on. It is mainly used to produce nylon precision pipes.
    Existing automotive pipe materials are PA11, PA12, PA6, PA66 and so on.
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  • Extruded PVC Profiles Window Machine

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    Extruded PVC Profiles Window Machine

    Extruded PVC Profiles Window Machine including mixer, screw loader, screw feeder, main twin screw extruder, extrusion die, calibration system, calibration table, profile crawler, cutting machine, stamping printer, embossing machine, stack垛 device, etc.
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    plastic frame extrusion

    The plastic frame extrusion machine consists of a loader, a single screw extruder, an extrusion die, a water cooling tank, a hot stamping machine system, a traction device, and a stacker.
    It produces PS foam photo frames that are widely used in everyday production.
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  • PVC Wood Edging Banding Machine

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    PVC Wood Edging Banding Machine

    PVC Wood Edging Banding Machine consists of a screw feeder, a conical twin-screw extruder, a twin-strand extrusion die, an embossing machine, a cooling calibration device, a synchronous tractor, a gluing device, a winding machine, a printing machine, etc.
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