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Thread Manufacturing Machine

Thread Manufacturing Machine

PVC pipe threading machine is used for PVC pipe inside and outside thread cutting. This PVC threading machine is controlled by PLC which can cut thread and offload finished pipe automatically.

Detailed description

Product Description:

This thread manufacturing machine is used for internal and external thread cutting of PVC pipes. If you want to cut pipes of different diameters, you only need to change the scheduler, so the efficiency is very high. It can form efficient, high-quality threads quickiy, and process a variety of threads with different tooth types and pitches, such as casing, pipe, mine pipe, water pump pipe and so on.


  • High machine tool productivity, suitable for large-scale production, easy to produce management

  • Highly automated, long service life, controlled temperature assisted engine

  • The final product has adjustable wall thickness, clean inside and outside, and good cold bending performance.

  • PLC control system can help cut the thread and unload the finished tube automatically to achieve stable performance and high precision

  • The program will be saved on the PLC, and different programs can be selected according to different pipes, which is easy to adjust.

  • Customers can upload pipes by one button, automatically locate, automatically cut lines, automatically unload, and automatically repeat all actions without manual.

  • With a forming tool, it can be cut at one time, no more cutting is required, and the thread can achieve the best quality.

  • Standardized, precisely machined threaded pipes can be bent to any degree desired by the customer.

  • With a highly polished thread, the tool will mill the thread at speeds up to 2800 rpm, so the threads are free of burrs.

  • Using a milling tool, the scrap will not be tangled by the chips, which can improve thread quality.


Widely used for manufacturing thread pipe which are widely used in industries such as industrial and mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical, health, etc.

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