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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine adopts international most advanced technology and the laser source is fiber with USA IPG technology, lifetime can reach100, 000 hours, 8-10 years without any consumables and maintenance.

Detailed description

Product Description:

In the past two years, more and more fiber laser marking machine has been widely used in plastic pipe extrusion lines because it does not require any ink nor any additional cost except the power supply. This fiber laser marking machine uses a laser beam to mark the surface of various materials with permanent marks, and displays various patterns such as patterns, characters to be etched by light. It adopts the most advanced technology in the world. Compared with other types of laser marking machine, it has a longer life and a great conversion efficiency, and outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection.


  • The best marking effect: The laser beam is thin, the processing material consumption is small, and the processing heat affected zone is small.

  • Depth marking: 1.0mm depth mark can be achieved on stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Higher precision: Can reach up 0.001mm precision.

  • Long life: The laser light source adopts American IPG technology and has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours. 

  • No consumables: It does not require any consumables and maintenance for 8-10 years. 

  • No need to adjust the laser beam path: The fiber laser beam is emitted directly from the fiber optic device.

  • Maintenance-free: Can be used free of maintenance, high processing efficiency, computer control to achieve high automation degree.

  • Integrated air cooling: Using integrated air cooling for excellent cooling. In addition, air cooling requires no maintenance, which saves many costs and energy.

  • Low power consumption and low cost: Only 0.5kw / hour, more environmentally friendly.

  • Compact structure: Small in size, only 0.5 M2, it can be placed on a table for easy installation.


Widely used in industries with high depth and precision requirements, such as integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, various automotive parts, home appliances, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry and so on. 

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