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Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Chip free plastic automatic pipe cutting machine is mainly used in cutting plastic pipes like PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, and PPR pipes.

Detailed description

Product Description:

In the past few years,  automatic pipe cutting machine is more and more popular now for using the chip-free type on small pipe extrusion line. This product has the function of setting the length of the plastic tube and the output, and realizes the function of automatic counting and automatic alarm after reaching the set output value. The user can use the touch screen to cut the length and output of the plastic tube, and the automatic and manual tube cutting methods can be switched at will. It is necessary down equipment of plastic extrusion line, especially PPR pipe cutter is widely using this kind pipe cutter machine as downstream equipment of plastic extrusion process.


  • All welded and seamless steel structure and long working life

  • The cut product is chip-free and smooth, which saves raw materials and also facilitates the product and the corresponding pipe connector.

  • Using the tool to rotate, the pipe does not move, saving the power required for the rotation of the pipe, and the energy saving effect is good.

  • Adopting the cutting method with multi-knife simultaneous machining has high processing efficiency and low running cost.

  • The automatic circulation of the cooling system ensures the smoothness of the cutting surface of the part and the long-term use of the saw blade.

  • High processing precision, beautiful appearance and low noise.

  • Imported PLC control has high automation degree and strong control function, and fully realizes the production automation of steel pipe cutting processing.

  • After the pipe material is cut, the machine stops automatically.

  • When an emergency stop is required, press the emergency stop button directly, and resume operation after recovery.


Suitable for eifficient and precise cutting of oil casing, welded pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, line pipe, light casing, etc.,which are used in ship building, construction tower, mechanical engineering, steel service and other industries.                          

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