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Downstream Equipment

The automatic material preparation metal pipe cutting machine is currently the latest pipe cutting machine in the Chinese metal pipe cutting equipment market. It does not require a lot of traditional manual operation, higher mechatronics, and even one person can operate multiple units, reducing employees and improving factory production efficiency.
The automatic pipe cutting machine belongs to Downstream Equipment, which is designed to meet the requirements of high-precision fixed-length cutting. The cutting tool can be used to cut a variety of soft and hard materials such as plastic pipes, rubber pipes, composite pipes, copper pipes and aluminum pipes. The cut line speed is steplessly adjusted in the range of 1-150M per minute.
The cutting and cutting machine has the function of setting the length of the plastic tube, the yield and the output of the shift, and realizes the function of automatically counting and automatically alarming after reaching the set output value. Through the touch screen, the user can perform the cutting length setting of the plastic pipe, the setting of the yield and the output of the shift, the random conversion of the automatic and manual pipe cutting modes, and the operation of restoring the cutter position.
Main features
1. The energy saving effect is good. Using the tool to rotate, the pipe does not move, saving the power required to rotate the pipe.
2. High efficiency and low operating cost. The cutting method with simultaneous multi-tool machining has high machining efficiency and low tool consumption.
3. High processing precision and low noise.
4. High reliability, good precision maintenance and easy maintenance.
5. The control system adopts the industrial Ethernet motion control platform, with high automation and strong control functions, and fully realizes the production automation of steel pipe cutting processing.
6. Main use of automatic pipe cutting machine It is suitable for high-efficiency and precision cutting processing of oil casing, welded pipe, high-pressure boiler pipe, pipeline pipe and light casing, etc. It can meet the occasions of mass production in petroleum, metallurgy and bearing industries. At the same time, it can reduce power consumption and save steel.
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